The Cape Breton Highlanders
Steve Kavanagh

Steve Kavanagh
May 9, 1945 - April 24, 2006

The Association lost a driving force, with the untimely passing of Steve Kavanagh, some weeks ago. In addition to his University, Ports Authority, and other involvements, Steve was devoted to the Highlanders and worked tirelessly on all of our projects. I will particularly miss his input as Steve and I were the first two members who had not served Overseas with the Cape Breton Highlanders, but had many years serving in the successor unit, 2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton). Under the tutelage of the CBH veterans, particularly Bob Kipping and Sharkey MacDonald, Steve and I were given the pleasant task of uniting older, more recent and current serving members and the mix worked extremely well, as the Delfzijl trip (Apr-May 2005) proved. Steve worked on many aspects of our affairs, the Newsletter, protocol, recruitment, in fact on all our affairs, even when his health was failing rapidly. Perhaps his greatest legacy will be the Cape Breton Highlanders Scholarship Fund, which he saw as another way of perpetuating the Unit forever in the minds of Cape Bretoners. Steve was an officer and a gentleman and it was an honour to have worked alongside him and to wear the same Cap Badge; he will be missed.

Siol Na Fear Fearail ~ Ian Macintyre, June 2006


May 9 1945-April 24 2006

On Aug 7th 2006 the Sydney Ports Corporation Inc honored the late Steve Kavanagh’s contribution to the community and to the Sydney Port Corp. by naming the new Marine Stage and a new Meeting Room in this honor. Steve as a founding director and chair was a tireless worker in the developing of the waterfront and surrounding area.

He was best know here for his appointment as Lt Col, Commanding Officer of the 2Bn The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton) and as well, was on the executive of the Cape Breton Highlanders Association.

The following photo’s shows the Lt Governor Myra Freeman, local dignitaries, military, business, family and friends who attended the Memorial and Dedication service.

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Sydney Port Corp Plaque